How to use Facebook Flyers to get Amazing Free Demographic Information

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Part II of the SEO’s guide to Facebook Advertising 

Welcome back to the second in the series on Advertising using the social networking site Facebook. Yesterday I talked about the famous Facebook flyers, and today is a bit of a follow-up as I will explain to you how to measure demographics for virtually any market existing on Facebook. Yes, that’s right. By the end of this blog, you’ ll be able to find out how many Swedish  females are liberal and single on Facebook. Alternatively, you can also use use these demographics for work and real market research!

Corporate Demographics!

We’ve got great demographics here at Site Visibility! via flickr

But back to the flyers quickly so I can explain how to get numbers about your target market: Yesterday I explained that Facebook flyers Pro allowed you to target users by their likes and dislikes:

 Targetting the UK: 7,167,040 people

Well, when you are on the Facebok Flyer Pro page (this one), and you are creating your Ad, there is this little known piece of code that lets you know how many people you are targeting with your current Ad settings. When you change these settings, the amount of people targeted is automatically updated.

 Targetting single, London Poker players: 80 people

This feature is probably to here to avoid overspending – or maybe it’s the other way round: maybe it’s here to tell you there are more potential customers out there and that you need to invest more in your campaign! Whatever the reason, this is a great tool to assess whether it’s worth implementing a campaign for you/your client.

Since it lets you know exactly how many people your settings are going to reach, you can evaluate:

A) Your predicted media Spend since you know the potential audience 

B) Your potential Brand awareness impact, since you know exactly how many people will see this ad. Furthermore, most of these people will see your ad quite a few times, especially if no-one clicks on it…

C) Other social media opportunities like creating groups or networks that target your market. Groups and networks allow you to easily spread messages and content on Facebook.

There are infinite ways and uses for this little handy tool, whether it’d be to find out if there are people out there who have the same likes/dislikes, whether it’s going to be worth setting up a campaign for your local record store targeting AC/DC fans, or like me, simply to find out that SEO is not an interest/hobby. Well, according to Facebook at least!

UPDATE: (7/11/2007) As you must have heard, Facebook changed slightly their advertising scheme, offering more functionality. Facebook flyers and flyers pro are still available under the ‘create a social ad’ tab. you can find this page here.

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