How to Manage your Creativity to Guarantee Social Media Success.

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Whether it’s for clients or your own firm it’s never been more important to have [tag]link worthy[/tag] content on your site; however regularly producing content requires both creativity and organisation, two skills which don’t always go hand in hand.

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As we’ve been producing more content both for our blog and website as well as our clients, I’ve found it ever more important to capture inspiration when it comes and manage your [tag]creativity[/tag] effectively.

I hope by learning how I’ve managed it help you channel your inner idea factory a little more efficiently.

Have a way of capturing ideas – inspiration will always come at the most awkward on times.

The great idea for a the perfect piece of [tag]linkbait[/tag] will come while queuing for your lunch and the ideal example for your [tag]white paper[/tag] will spring to mind while doing the washing up.

It’s important to have a way of keeping these ideas before you forget them; my favoured method is saving a draft text message on my phone; though a notepad, tape recorder or any other method could work just as well.

Keep several ideas on the back burner – At the moment I have about 23 posts for this blog in various stages of development. Some only need a few tweaks while others are no more than a title on a notepad.

It’s nice to have that many potential topics to work on if you can keep a handful of potential ideas going at the same time there’s a greater chance you’ll have one started that you’re in the perfect mood to finish.

Don’t Force It – as many professional writers will attest writers block is inevitable. While this can be a major problem if you’ve got a paper back to crank out, it can just as easily put a dampener of a fledging company blog designed to attract links and reward visitors.

If you aren’t in the right frame of mind don’t waste your time trying to battle through.

Don’t ask me why but I find a couple of hours doing some crazy in-depth competitive back link analysis usually gets my creative juices flowing.

Allow time to reflect – there is always an argument for fresh content online, but I’m beginning to think it’s worth taking a little while to think about your posts.

For example I had a post I’d written in the middle of the recent Page Rank adjustment. I’m glad I didn’t upload it as added very little to the debate and wouldn’t have been of much value to the readers of the blog.

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