Cutting Edge Linking Strategies – Notes from SMX London 2007

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It’s not live blogging but we thought our notes taken from [tag]SMX London[/tag] would prove handy for those in different sessions or too busy to make it along.

Despite being on the fundamental track, [tag]Cutting Edge Linking Strategies[/tag] has some interesting take aways for even the most seasoned search marketer.

Ken McGaffin from Wordtracker – he pulled off a really good masterstroke here, he used Wordtracker’s free keyword tool as a case study of how you could use a tool to build links and how tactically he promoted the tools. It’s only now a couple of days later I’ve realized it was a subtle sales pitch at the same time. He got the balance perfectly right, apparently a lesson a few of the PPC presenters could learn.

[tag]Ken McGaffin[/tag] took the following steps
• Email 20-30 experts they have an existing relationship with.
• Issue a high profile press release
• It created great coverage and coverage in the Wall Street Journal

Ken reminded how the important things matter; he gave the example of how a small tweak of the title tag transformed their traffic numbers.

He also offered one of the most useful tips of the two days talking about how to carry out extensive research of your existing link portfolio to determine who else to approach but also to develop products and content towards people who have shown a predisposition to link to you.

Ken also encouraged people to create long term link building strategies spread over 12-month period.

Dixon from Receptional went through a number of strategies to build links, which didn’t involve traditional link buildings, including strategic partnerships, link worthy content and a number of other tactics.

He also revealed a password to access a “top secret” link building tool used by Receptional, it looked quite smart and seemed to have functionality similar to SEO Elite, but was a clever tactic that illustrated [tag]Dixon Jones[/tag]’ sophisticated style of link building perfectly.

Rob Kerry from Ayima – Rob stole the show during the presentation by revealing a few grey hat tactics to the largely whiter than white hat audience.

[tag]Rob Kerry[/tag] told people not to bother submitting to directories, as their quality is so low.

Rob said if you are doing traditional link building pretend you are only interested in the links not the search engine benefit. Focus on quality over quantity. And remember how you appear has an influence on your link building requests, so he suggested often it’s worth using a false name or profile.

Another high quality tip from Rob was to use to get pages spidered quickly whether it’s for a blog or not.

Evilgreenmonkey (as rob is often known) said if you are paying for links be stubborn on the location of the links and avoid networks and brokers at all costs. And offering content in exchange for a link is another tactic to get links

Rob also recommended using the phone when making link requests, it makes you seem much more trustworthy and it’s more likely the recipient will take you seriously.

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