SEO for Multimedia – Notes from SMX London 2007

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Unfortunately wi-fi seemed to be in short supply at [tag]SMX London[/tag] so our plans to live blog went out the window.

However hopefully our notes taken from the sessions will still prove interesting a few days later!

First session of the two days for me was [tag]SEO for multimedia[/tag]

Jenny Simpson from Webcertain – first up we have [tag]Jenny Simpson[/tag] from one of the main sponsors. Coming from a PR perspective she shared some of the potential benefits of perception from a good multimedia offering.

• You should use your image galleries to benefit on branded searches on your products on universal search
• Create videos about yourself and your company, if you are already making the content offline make sure you harness its power online.
• Your maps and travel details can also help you dominate branded terms.
• Every company has news so make sure yours spreads.

Jenny gave an example of google news results receiving a click through rate equivalent to the to top placed PPC advert.

She iterated that you should remember news is archived forever online, so your news should be of a high quality.

She suggested for e-commerce sites could produce video reviews of their products for a simple way to incorporate video content.

Also Jenny said you should always think about images when thinking about your online strategy, high quality images improved the likeliness of a story gaining traction.

Shari Thurrow from Omni Marketing – very much an old school SEO, she gave an over view of how SEO101 can be applied to images and videos and some of usability implications.

Apparently, according to [tag]Shari Thurrow[/tag], there is little to worry about if you are already doing your optimization properly.

Images are important as eyes are automatically drawn to images specifically faces. Shari also stated the importance that a user knows the purpose and topic of your page in just five seconds.

On images alt, meta details, domain name & file names are really important and you should do keyword research accordingly.

Shari encouraged us to be consistent in our naming conventions, i.e. if you include the date or the title of the article, do the same with all images.

Just like Meta tags keyword stuffing in not an effective strategy. Captioning the content with text explaining the content is best practice.

Also be sure when providing alt text make sure you use descriptive terns like photo, pictures video etc.

It’s worth setting up library folders for specific media types. I.e.

There was nothing to paradigm shattering but a good basic introduction for people who might not be harnessing their media content. Though Shari did say Social Media was over hyped, so she was always going to have a tough time impressing one of the biggest hype-merchants like me!

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