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Lot’s of people would like to blog more often, in fact it’s my new years resolution, but for businesses jus tdipping their toes in the water of blogging creating content on a regular basis can some times seem intimidating.

Avoid the risk of being stumped for ideas – via flickr

However there are many ways to find inspiration which work for every industry, whether it’s a Internet Marketing Blog or covering impact resistant plastic.

Google News – If you’re not familiar with Google News it is a search engine specifically covering news stories. By searching for keywords and phrase connected to your sector you will find recent news stories. Have a read of these stories and see if there is a unique opinion or angle you can use to cover this news.

Other Blogs – you can use blog search engines like Technorati to find blogs similar in topic to your own. Sign-up to their news letters or RSS feeds, you’ll then be able to write follow posts to theirs, challenge their point of view or use them as references in your own posts.

Blog AlertsGoogle Alerts can be set to email you whenever particular words or phrases are mentioned in a website. This can be a great tool to keep abreast of anyone covering your niche where-ever they are in the world or web.

Traditional Media – your daily newspaper or the breakfast news can be an excellent source of blog inspiration. How does the current big news story impact your sector? Not only will this make your blog extra topical it will attract visitors from outside your normal audience.

Successful Posts – Once you’ve been established for a while you will be able to see which of your posts have been most popular. As you begin to understand your audience you will be able to cover similar topics in a similar style. Keeping an eye on your analytics can really help you know what to blog about. Glen has done a interesting post about this very idea.

Search Engine Keywords – By studying your search engine traffic you will be able to see what words people are using to find your website. If they are using terms where your article perhaps wouldn’t fully answer their question write another post filling that need.

Audience Feedback – once you have built up a significant audience you may be able to use their views to motivate your content ideas. Answer readers questions is a reliable tactic and any participation will be relished by your visitors. However be sure you have a big enough audience before engaging these tactics. The last thing you want is a post asking for reader questions with no response.


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  3. Ironically, I came on here looking for inspiration for a new blog!

    I find that looking on Sphinn is quite a good start point if you’re blogging about PPC or SEO…

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