I Switched Off Twitter and Doubled My Productivity

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First up let me say I love Twitter. I even wrote one of my infrequent posts to Marketing Pilgrim on the subject ((5 Ways Twitter Can Make You An Industry Expert… And Five Ways it up for You ) p.s if Andy Beal is reading I’ll promise I’ll write more soon!)

But in the last fortnight I’ve switched the mobile phone updates off and managed to cross far more off my to do list than I’d expected.

Please don’t label me as one of those people who don’t ‘get’ twitter. I completely understand how great the service is. I love the idea of and I think use Twitter has really helped build my online reputation.

But having updates switched on for my mobile means constant interruption. Most are interesting and worthwhile diversions but they ruin my flow.

Different people work in a variety of ways; personally I produce my best work when I get into a groove. The best of my blog posts are written in one go (even if I usually check a few times before putting it live) and a couple of solid hours of link building is much more valuable than15 minutes here and there, even if in total I spend is the same.

So Twitter friends I’m not ignoring you I’m just trying to get things done.


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