Yahoo Panama Discriminates Against the Little Guy With Double Ads

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When running a PPC campaign, one of the balances you have to find is the one between the benefits that come with biding high for top positions, or bidding low to have your ad appear when users are browsing through the organic rankings.

Well with Yahoo, you can do both.

That’s right: one search, one SERP, two listings of your PPC ad.

Yahoo keeps assuring me that this is normal, but I keep telling myself that it must be a technical glitch because if it’s not, then it means Yahoo is giving preferential treatment to large budgets. Double listings are simply not an issue on Google, as they are not authorised, and physically impossible unless you use Barry Lloyd’s (ultra) competitve PPC tactics (SMX London 2007).

The point I am trying to make is that although Yahoo is a (good) market where searchers have different trends and habits than on Google, their PPC system is still not 100% operational.

MSN however has made huge improvements on their interface, blog, help files (especially reegarding their new DKI system) and data mining tools; their entire system is now much more precise and targeted than Yahoo (3 match types, click forecasts etc..).

–> MSN has got the PPC interface, and Yahoo has got the market. It just makes sense that they team up to compete with Google…


  1. I think the key over your competitors is just to:

    – know more (than them)
    – and express yourself in a more interesting way (than them)

    basically comes down to being an ‘expert’ and good at ‘copywriting.’

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