Quoted in a piece on Social Media Marketing for the Recruitment Sector

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It’s all go over here at SiteViz towers at the moment. As I’m sure you can imagine.

But I’ve managed to squeeze in a quick note to mention an article I was quoted in on Onrec about social media marketing in the recruitment sector. It’s something I’ve written a white paper about (being released soon I promise) so hopefully I’ve added some interesting thoughts.

You can read Social Media & its Impact on Online Recruitment- revolution or fad? over there now.


  1. Thank’s for the well wishes Rosie, without a doubt Brighton is the SEO capital of the world! or at least England, forget what those hoity toity londoner say….

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  3. Congratulations chaps! bet you are all glad to get it all done and dusted.

    I’ve sent a few emails through – not sure if I am being classed as spam these days by cloudmark!!

  4. Interesting and useful article.

    Not only does social networking increase your chances of finding the job you want (because you are just simply increasing your chances by the amount of people you speak to word of mouth, but also potential employers will be impressed by the extra yard you have gone to get the job you really want.)

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