Google Gifts Really Seem to Have Gone Downhill

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We received an email today from Google asking for feedback on one of our bigger clients. Seeing how reliant we are on Google’s PPC interface and tools we were happy to oblige. What did make us laugh was the unappealing incentive they were using to get people to share their opinion.

On offer was this charming gym bag…

But before you all get in touch asking for how you can fill in the survey, we’ve been sworn to secrecy. (Though if you ask nicely we might let you have ours.)

It got us thinking though despite being named one of the UK’s top brands their gifts now aren’t as nice as the glory days

Take this fridge for example…

It would look great in any SEO office, (this one is eMomentum’s)

I got rid of my lava lamp when I was 15 after their mid nineties resurgence though I’m sure I’d make room for one of these

From Antmapers Flickr

This gift is more practical than stylish but Just Searching’s USB kit could come in handy

I’m sure there are loads more that have been sent out over the years and they all seem more exciting than a gym bag.

If you’ve got any photos of Google gifts you’ve received leave a comment and I’ll include them in the post with a link to your blog…


  1. I used to work at eBay and we all got various freebies like fleeces etc. When we gave items away through the community boards, it would cause a frenzy…I used to post as naughty_elf for the christmas promos, like the treasure hunt, and such was the fervour, that we once had 500 comments in 5 minutes on a competition posting where you had to reply to be in with a chance of winning a prize. Employees were not allowed to sell any eBay merchandise they owned until they left eBay’s employ.

    Sadly, the days of naughty_elf seem to have been numbered as I don’t think there hasn’t been any such silliness for a while.

    I got the google gym bag invite too. Bizarre or what?!

  2. I run a Google PPC campaign for my employer and was very impressed with the gifts I received from Google last December:
    To Keep: a 2-Meg USB thumbdrive (credit card style)
    To make me feel part of the holiday spirit: a $100 credit at This is a charitable website that encourages average people to fund grant proposals to schools for various learning projects. I was able to select a grant proposal that met my criteria (reading-oriented, disadvantaged students, and where my gift would take the project to full funding so I would know that it meant a difference). This gift of a gift-giving-opportunity introduced me to a great way to make a difference, and filled me with the holiday spirit! Just last week I received thank-you letters and photos of the kids in the class I helped enjoying the learning aids purchased with the grant. I’ve shared these with everyone where I work, which has interested them in helping this website as well.

    What a totally “feel good” experience! Way to go, Google!!!

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  4. I just received my ‘Gym bag’ today.

    Very disappointing. Probably one of the worst freebies ever!

    It came all crumpled in an envelope too small to hold it.

    As an avid gym goer i’m not sure what could even fit into it. Maybe my socks?

    COnsidering how much we spend with Google i’d expect better – shame on you Scroogle!! 🙁

  5. Does anybody know of any more Google freebies that are around at the moment? My Google bag is getting worn out! 😛

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