Setting Alerts for Relevant Yahoo Answer Questions

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We’ve found Yahoo Answers a great place to introduce social media marketing to our clients, it’s got a mainstream audience, it can send targeted traffic and doesn’t require the same level of commitment as creating a blog or podcast.

Creative Commons License photo credit: geoffeg Pipes clearly are the answer

For those familiar with the site the users pose questions which then the community offer their solutions and then asker can vote which they think is the most useful.

As the links are no-followed they don’t have a search engine ranking benefit we don’t want to spend too much time searching for questions we could answer, fortunately another Yahoo product Pipes came to the rescue.

Below is a screen grab of a example pipe I’ve created. First you need to input the RSS feed of the category of Yahoo Answers you’d like to monitor. Then go to the operators side bar and drag in a filter box and include your keywords. Then drag it to the output box. Hey Presto…

If you run the pipe you can subscribe to the feed in your favourite feed reader.

It’s not exactly making the full use of Pipes but after this little experiment I’ll try and have a play see if there’s more ways if can be used for SEO. I know Andrew Girdwood & Aaron Wall have been having a play.

P.s thanks to Chris Cathcart for suggesting Pipes in the first place.


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  2. Interesting Pipe. I’d like to take it for a spin. Can we have a link to it?

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