Yahoo Ad Generator: What’s the Verdict?

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It’s not often that Yahoo rolls out a new feature that turns out to be a great success, so when something is done right, and works, this time I’ve gotta give them Kudos.

The “Ad Generator” button that you might have seen appear at the top of your ad group, is a friend so don’t ignore it. I am also going to explain to you why it also is your client’s advertising agency’s best friend.

The Ad Generator is a very simple tool. All it does is concatenate terms that you have entered into the Ad Generator, thus generating new ads: Say you enter 3 ad titles and 5 USPs (Description line 1 usually) and 5 Calls to Action (Description line 2 usually), then the AdGenerator will mix and match these USPs/Ad titles and test them out to see which performs the best.

So why is something that you can do in Excel so great?

Are you really going to concatenate this data manually?Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeffrey Beall

For the simple reason that it’s already in the Yahoo interface, and you won’t need to use formulas and “&” signs to concatenate your ads together.

So why is this so good for my client’s advertising agency?

Because using this, you can actually test out the effectiveness of mixing USPs together to see which combination attracts the most attention, and which converts the best. You can then feed this information right back to the traditional marketing and advertising agencies your client has in place to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns as well.

Digital Media marketing feeding back into the traditional media marketing strategy… You gotta give Yahoo Kudos for that.


  1. Interesting Pipe. I’d like to take it for a spin. Can we have a link to it?

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