MSN Sets out to Kill Search Marketers

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We received a poisened gift today here at SiteVisibility… It seems that after MSN’s failed acquisition of Yahoo, the Live Search Team have now changed their objective and decided to go after Search Marketers all together in order to erradicate our (endangered) species:

MSN First Aid

This morning, we received a parcel from Microsoft which contained what was seemingly a first aid kit. After opening the first aid kit, we realised that it was some very clever promotion of their search engine through the new Indiana Jones film, as the box contained a candle, a bar of Green & Blacks chocolate, a treasure map explaining why we should search on MSN, and a pack of “Emergency Drinking Water”. We have all sorts of sports going on here at SiteVisibility (Kelvin and Damon are regular cyclists, I for myself do a lot of Beach Volleyball) so we thought it would come in handy on a day of de-hydration…

MSN Emergency Drinking Water

But upon closer inspection, Damon noticed that the “Emergency Drinking Water” was actually out of date! Now I thought water kept for quite a while if vacuum packed, so this must be very, very old!

MSN Water out of Date!

We now think MSN is after some Search Marketer’s blood, so whatever you do, don’t drink the water… Even in an emergency…


  1. oh dear our search team got that in the mail too.

    and i eated it all.

    and it tasted funny.

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