The SEO Industry’s 25 Most Popular Twitter Users

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Everyday Twitter is becoming a more essential way to communicate with the SEO industry. The ability to quickly & frequently communicate with your peers is truly powerful.

Creative Commons License credit: Ol.v!er [H2vPk] – It really was a photo finish

I like to think of it as passive intimacy (which I’ll prob write more about in the next weeks) However while it’s all about building relationships with people; it’s always nice to have a old fashioned leader board to see who is the most popular in the industry.

Twitterholic does a good job of tracking who is the most followed users on the whole network but I thought it’d be interesting to see who in the SEO-Sphere was pulling in the most attention.

Congrats to Neil Patel, far and away the most popular, though Maki, Danny, Jeremy & Andy aren’t too far behind.

Disappointingly there’s no Brits in the top twenty five other than expat Andy Beard, time for us to up our game!

Hat Tip to Marketing Pilgrim’s list of Internet Marketing Twitter users for tracking down people I’m not following.


  1. While I’d like to have as many followers as you are showing for me, the correct number (as of this moment) is 963. Thanks for the acknowledgement :.)

  2. Nice list!! Just thought I’d throw a couple shout outs to @oilman, @martinbowling, @cesarserna, @brentcsutoras and shameless plug for myself @tonyadam!! Just throwing out some Tweetbait. 😉

  3. @Todd Mintz: Really? Did you at some point have 1798 followers though?

    Informative list but you should have done top 40. Ya missed a bunch of great SEO’s 😉

  4. No Melanie…I think they pulled the “Follow” number…I find that following lots of diverse folks enriches my use of the medium.

    You’re a fun person to follow BTW :.)

  5. oh dear our search team got that in the mail too.

    and i eated it all.

    and it tasted funny.

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