Every Cloud… Search Industry Opportunities Caused By Credit Crunch

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At the moment doom and gloom seems to surround the economy, whether or not search marketing budgets are going to fall remains to be seen though.
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We’ve had a few clients get more pragmatic with their spend; but generally it doesn’t seem as bad as everyone feared. Though that could easily change.

But with every negative situation there comes opportunities. And in the search sphere there are few you’d be mad not to take advantage of.

Buy up failed businesses Domains

When there’s a downturn it’s inevitable a few businesses will hit the wall. In the past if your competitor went bust you might by up their stock at discount, nowadays top of an insolvency sale shopping list should be the company’s domain.

At the very least you could 301 redirect the domain to your client’s website. Eventually the link equity should transfer over and you should see a corresponding uplift in the rankings.

Alternatively you could keep the site as a going concern and differentiate the sites with slightly different marketing messages. Or maybe you could remove all commercial content and develop a semi-independent community; it would teach a lot about your clients customers and build a strong relationship.

PPC Costs Should Fall

One of the biggest problems facing the PPC management sector in the last few years has been bid inflation. If people are blindly throwing money at PPC it’s harder to create a campaign that creates great ROI while still doing good volume.

If belts tighten; then those spending more than they makes sense will either have to switch their campaigns off or become more realistic. Those who were bidding based on their margins should make more as their volume increases.

Performance Billing Will Become Even More Popular

As an agency, taking a client purely on performance billing is always a risky business, do they have a secret cachet of bought links from MFA in the casino sector which has set of a filter? Or has the marketing department promised complete freedom over the site only for the web developers to have completely different ideas?

However when you get performance billing right and you are confident in your abilities it can create great revenue for your agency. Some of our most rewarding relationships aren’t with our best known clients, it’s with businesses who know the value of a lead and are willing to reward us based on those leads.

The clear KPIs motivate our team and when the performance billing is uncapped it pleases the accounts people too!

Publishers more willing to allow advertorial

When I used to work in the offline publishing industry, what funded a significant proportion of the magazines wasn’t the display advertising but what we called advertorial. It wasn’t always a straight forward content for cash relationship but it was a case of you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.

We’re finding increasingly a similar situation online. Publishers might not have the same budget they had for editorial staff, so are more willing to look else where for content.

When link building for our clients we’re now not just looking for websites that might link we’re also looking for publications that might want a columnist or websites with advice pages where they’d happily let someone write the content in return for a link.


  1. I love this post, except for one point.

    PPC prices will not fall. Just because people will keep “discovering” PPC as a marketing tool which will drive the price up.

  2. I love this post, except for one point.

    PPC prices will not fall. Just because people will keep “discovering” PPC as a marketing tool which will drive the price up.

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