Writing for the web revisited – Podcast Episode #39

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In episode 39 we take another look at writing for the web including how people read on the web, the proper use of links, thing that every page should have and 4 questions you should always ask yourself about every web page you create.

We’ll also be hearing about a new tool from Google for find out the key phrases that you should be optimising your pages for.

And we’ll be talking to a man who has his CRM system talking to Google Adwords.

Topics covered:

  • Google insights – compares volumes for different search phrases
  • Twitter search for monitoring twitterings
  • Twitter Tools for WordPress for creating blog posts of you day’s twittering
  • Tweet from you iPhone with Twitterific
  • How people read on the web
  • The importance of summaries
  • The proper way to bold your text
  • The correct use of links
  • What every page should have
  • The 4 questions you should ask of your web pages
  • The ideal copy length for good search
  • Whole site verses single page search optimisation
  • Salesforce integration with Google Adwords
  • Capturing customer enquiry data straight into your CRM system


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