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The good guys and girl at Use8 put on this social media shindig down at the Albion Hotel on Thursday 12th February. I’ve been attending their conferences for nearly a year now and they improve every time, Gareth was attending the event for the first time and was inspired to attend further conferences by Use 8. These friendly and informative sessions are an excellent opportunity to stay ahead of the game and do some network schmoozing.

Speaking at the event were:

Ken Thompson – CEO,
James Temple – Executive Creative Director, R/GA
Jamie Coomber – Head of Innovation and Engagement, Profero

Creative Commons License photo credit: castor_girl

Ken Thompson: Swarmteams and the Bumble Bee.

As the blog name would suggest Ken uses nature as inspiration for his business management model. Social media technologies are encouraging the decentralization of networks and as companies start to adopt wikinomic attitudes in the way they organize themselves bioteaming seems a very poignant idea. Traditional hierarchies of business management are flattened with the new ideals of openness, sharing and community and this is exactly what Ken’s company Swarmteams promotes. They design bespoke bioteam technologies for sorts of business networks, enterprises and virtual groups by utilizing all new media technologies to be more nimble and receptive in communicating to colleagues, clients and potential partners.

James Temple: R/GA.

James delivered a very polished presentation of his work as Executive Creative Director of R/GA for clients such as Nike, Nokia and Zain.  He demonstrated his point well using a model.

Listen-to your audience and what they say about your brand

Inspire- inspire these groups to talk more about the brand

Engage- engage these groups in new ways, by adding to topics

Define- define these groups what networks are they using, what forms of social media.

His marketing campaign for Nokia Vine was particularly impressive, integrating mobile multimedia with the N-series phone which can not only track where the user is, but it can also document what sort of content the user engages with, at what geographical location they do this and what time. For journalists and keen travelers this is an excellent device. A mash-up of geo-tagging and other portable media this device also raises some controversial questions surrounding our privacy and personal information. The idea of a small handheld gadget that can track where you are and what you’re doing is something that would be a success in the paranoid spouse market but the general public should also be aware of the consequences of technologies such as these being used for evil instead of good.

Although these are big brands with huge budgets, the main ideas can be used on clients with considerably smaller budgets as they are campaigns hosted in the public sphere on external servers that are accessible to all. With some imagination campaigns that generate a buzz can be created on a shoestring through these social media platforms.

Unfortunately hunger got the better of us and after James’ presentation we had to return home to quench our thirst, and this is the only criticism that can be made of the event, had food been provided we would have attended for the duration of the conference.

Written by Zac and Gareth

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