Stopping Your Own Visits to Your Site Skewing Your Google Analytics Results When You Have A Dynamic I.P Address With Cookies

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As a few of you may know my colleague Daniel Rowles is one of the hosts on ‘The Internet Marketing Podcast‘ which does amazingly well on iTunes. Well today I sat in on the recording and contributed my feedback about SES London (once the podcast is live I’ll bung up a link) but also we answered a few of the listeners questions.

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Helpfully Mark at wrote in with a a way to stop your own visits to your site skewing your Google Analytics results when you have a dynamic I.P address.

To exclude traffic by Cookie Content

To exclude traffic from dynamic IP addresses, you can use a JavaScript function to set a cookie on your internal computers. You’ll then be able to filter all visitors with this cookie from appearing on your Analytics reports.

How to exclude traffic by cookie:

1. Create a new page on your domain, containing the following code:

(Please note that this code is in addition to the Google Analytics tracking code that you have on every page of your website.)

2. In order to set the cookie, visit your newly created page from all computers that you would like to exclude from your reports.

3. Create an Exclude filter to remove data from visitors with this cookie. Follow these instructions &hl=en_GB
to create a filter with the following settings:

Filter Type: Custom filter > Exclude
Filter Field: User-Defined
Filter Pattern: test_value
Case-sensitive: No

Thanks Mark, seems a good work around.


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