Inaugural SiteVisibility Cake Off- Pictures & Results

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The SiteVibility cake-off actually happened a few weeks ago but I’m just getting around to posting the pictures and results. The rules were simple, one contestant, one cake, no cream or ice cream. We scored each cake against 3 criteria- Texture, flavour & looks.


Well done to all the contestants (including Phil & Rachel’s mums).

And the winner is…


 Lorrie’s Ginger cake – 1st place

Giner cake

 A great all-rounder, a cake for any occasion

Sarah’s Pretty (hard!) chocolate cake- 2nd place

attractive chocolate cake

 Proof that looks will get you everywhere in this world!

Phil’s (mum’s) Victoria Sandwich – 3rd Place

victoria sandwich sponge cake

As english as fish & chips, a classic favourite

Rachel’s lemon cake – 4th

lemon drizzle cake

Bitter sweet symphony 

Rachel’s Ginger cake – 5th

[sorry no image]

Dan’s lemon cake – 6th

lemon cake regtangle madeira

Last overall but took 2nd place in the lemon cake category!

Lou’s chocolate gateau cake – Late entry

I’m confident Lou’s chocolate cake would have taken the top prize on the day, unfortunately it arrived 4 days late to the competition.

chocolate gateau cake chocolate fudge


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