New ‘Local Search Volume’ Addition to Google Adwords Keyword Tool

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In addition to my previous post Beginners Guide To Local SEO, today we noticed a new addition to Google Adwords Keyword Tool, which lets you target local keywords when doing keyword research.

The keywords used in the screenshot below demonstrate how Trainers is a more popular UK search term than Sneakers pretty obvious, but could prove useful in determining which keyword to target for which country.


Sneakers vs Trainers Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This is a nice feature for building local campaigns and focusing your keyword research to be specific to your country.The local aspect of the addition is not as local as it could be, due to ‘local’ meaning by country not region, but its early days and hopefully this is in the pipeline.


  1. Using the term “Local” is totally miss leading. Like you mentioned it is only for country specific data, which is great, but I do not consider it local.

    Now it would be sick if we can get true local search volume data. I know they have it, but just dont want to release it to us yet.

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  4. Thanks Gareth for your post. There is still some uncertainty around the numbers Google reports upon. I still would like to know what the average monthly search volume is for a region, instead of only the previous month’s search volume. When there is zero searches for longtail terms for local regions, there isn’t enough information as to whether you should target that term or not.

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  6. Very useful info.

    I was unaware of the new google tool – definitely will check that out for our seo.


  7. I just noticed about this feature.

    It’s cool cause I can make a post that fit my country’s interest.

  8. I’ve used the “country”. Definitely giving me more insights.

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