The SEO Industries 25 Most Popular Twitter Users – A Year On, Where Are They Now?

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On the 8th of May last year, Kelvin wrote a post on the top 25 Twitterers. Now one year on, we return to see how they’re doing now. Of course none of these numbers are a scratch on Stephen Fry’s 392, 822 followers.


Congratulations are in order for Shoemoney, a.k.a Jeremy Schoemaker, who leads the top of the table with 25, 736 followers; that’s a massive 910% increase on last year. And, FYI at the time of writing (09/04/09) his following has now reached 25, 916. That’s an extra 180 followers gained in one day; keep up the good Tweeting Shoemoney!

A tip of the hat goes to Doshdosh, Danny Sullivan and Lee Odden who take up second, third and fourth place. Although it’s worth mentioning that even Doshdosh, who’s second, still only has approximately half the followers of Shoemoney.

And we’ll stifle a yawn for Bill Slawski who’s been neglecting his Twitter responsibilities and lost nearly half his followers over the past 12 months.

Not that I can talk. This post has been published slightly late, so bear in mind that the numbers will have changed somewhat. But this is unavoidable with the ever changing social media scape and we’ve been so busy in SV Towers, I haven’t had the time to alter the numbers accordingly.

Keep an eye on the blog, as Kelvin’s Twitter white paper is coming soon.

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  1. What’s funny is that, last night, I dropped 4 of these folks because I saw they weren’t following me, and I figured none of them were giving me enough good info for it to be a one way relationship.

  2. That’s a friendly “couldn’t resist” reminder:

    Keep an eye on the blog, as Kelvin’s Twitter white paper is coming soon.

    Just notify my via comment to this post so that I can update my announcement — Thanks in advance!

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