Google’s Universal Search Doesn’t “Get” Sport

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You’ll all be familiar with Universal Search, with Google pulling results from different types of rich media websites. In most circumstances, it’s good news for users; the search result pages become content pages in their own right.

And in Universal Search, they’ve been doing some interesting experiments on sport search terms. Although a few months old, the way in which Google pulled Olympic medal tables results into the search results was really useful and I think sets a pretty good precedent of the way search is heading.

But it seems they haven’t quite sussed out the intricate differences between football and cricket! A recent search for the Champions League (Europe’s biggest club football competition) triggered the following search results page.

Universal Search Sport Search Engine Result Page

First up, it seems Google are trying to pull in some kind of data, which isn’t displaying properly. Also, they’ve made the school boy error of using a little image of a cricketer. Nice try Google but not quite right…

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