70% of StumbleUpon Traffic Comes After the Peak

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It’s a month since the launch of one of the most successful posts we’ve created on Apple Pie & Custard, and it seemed only right to do a bit of a post-mortem. And the results were surprising…

The Google StreetView Images They Didn’t Want You To See was one of those blog posts you can only really come up with on a Friday afternoon in an office full of geeks. Sick of the emails, tweets and blog posts about anything remotely out of the ordinary on StreetView, we tried to super-impose some genuinely surprising sights.

Cue John and I doing some quick and very dirty photoshopping of giant animals in parks, sharks in the fountains of London landmarks and long extinct animals on the side of major roads.

After a few votes on StumbleUpon, a deluge of traffic descended on the site. Not hugely surprising; we’ve had success with StumbleUpon on this blog in the past and the same with clients. But what was out of line with our expectations was how much of the traffic came after the peak. The good news is, unlike a client success, we can share the details with you here.Stumbleupon Traffic for StreetView Post

As you can see, in the first month the post drew in 4,818, but 3347 of those visits came after the peak on day two. That’s nearly 70% of the traffic that came after the initial hit, which is a pleasant surprise. Even more pleasing is even now, over a week since the month anniversary, we’re still receiving a steady trickle of visitors.

So what does this mean for social media marketers?…Don’t pull all your favours at once – we all have a few friends and contacts who we can pull out of our pocket to give your content a little nudge on social voting sites. Though it might be tempting to ask them to vote in the initial stages, a vote later in the life cycle of a campaign may keep the story going for a few more days, so think about holding back.

Try to overlap success to increase your overall traffic – there’s no fool-proof success recipe for StumbleUpon, but you can schedule a couple of targeted pieces to follow each other, so their half-lives aggregate for some great exposure and traffic.

Update posts to keep them fresh – if you’ve done a follow up post, go back and add a link to it to keep the traffic on your site. Or if there are developments, add it to the end of the post – especially if your post was topical when you first launched it.

Don’t forget about the later traffic when reporting – When a story is really taking off, it’s addictive to keep checking the stats really regularly, but the novelty will wear off as the success dies down. If we’d forgotten about this post, we would have dramatically under-estimated its success.

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