Big Mouth Media Ranking Penalty?

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It might be a temporary glitch but I’ve noticed Big Mouth (who historically rank extremely well on some competitive terms) seem to have been dropped for a number of big money terms like search engine optimisation and affiliate marketing. I’m pretty sure they were on page 1 for these last week.


Interestingly it looks like the homepage has been completely removed from the cache which makes me think this might be a temporary problem.

There’s also something weird going on with their url’s-


Big Mouth had some problems a few years ago when they allegedly got banned for a short time for hiding text on their homepage. I can’t see any problems with the current homepage which could have caused a penalty but I bet some of the other agencies on page 1 are enjoying the extra traffic today:-)


  1. It’s interesting who does rank for the term. Glad to see a few pals are up there.

    Why not ask Andrew Girdwood what’s up at SMX next week? Could be a scoop 😉

  2. I can’t find the homepage in Googles index at all. A search for shows the vacancies page and doesn’t seem to show it either.

    Quite strange.

  3. Yeah I think i agree with you.

    As far as I am aware they haven’t been doing anything very dodgy

    They maybe a little link happy with the internal linking but I am not sure if it is worth a penalty, especially considering there are plenty of other companies out there doing far worse.

  4. I noticed this over the weekend, takes my site a place higher. This will be a glitch of some description. BigMouthMedia are about as white hat as they come.

  5. @david- Now if only wikipedia and those annoying Google news results would get themselves removed:-)

  6. It’s always either SEO Consult or SEO Inc. – Ranked World’s No.1 SEO Company By TopSEOs

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  9. This has become a very typical behavior of Google lately. I’ve recently seen many other webmasters facing ranking drops and penalty-like effects in Google. Very confusing and uncool from Google, but most sites seem to recover their rankings in a few days/weeks.

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