Google Downs a Quick Shot of Caffeine

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Google have released a beta version of their new search engine which is supposed to be faster and more accurate than the current model. Coined by industry insiders as Caffeine, Google engineers claim the back end changes are, “the first step in a process that will let us push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions.”

Superficially it’s much the same because all the implemented changes are behind the scenes in order to vastly improve the results, Caffeine allows Google to index the web at a faster pace, gathering more information quicker and hopefully providing results that are “less spammy.” Which to be fair, they seem to have achieved, sometimes there are considerably less results than I’m used to but they’re all relevant.

tanto caffè
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Despite denials and promises that Caffeine has been months in the making (and is in no way finished) perhaps Google is feeling some search engine pressure? With Microsoft unveiling Bing in June and its impending search collaboration with Yahoo as well as the exciting developments of real time search using Facebook and Twitter, these other engines have been making headlines and attracting a lot of attention. But of course this doesn’t leave Google trailing the race as it is still the industry standard and now pepped up on a Caffeine high.

But what differences will Caffeine mean for search marketers?

As we understand, the algorithm is the basically the same, however because Google will be indexing faster and therefore more pages this increases the number of competitors online. Similarly because of more in depth spiders Google will be finding more links, so it’s fair to assume that with more links out there general link equity will probably decline. Only time will tell how severe these affects are going to be, but we’re ready and waiting, with mice poised and link baited breath.

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