What does a Dragon’s Den’s James Caan Investing in an SEO company really mean for the industry

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You may have heard a few months ago that Fresh Egg, our friends along the coast made a rather impressive appointment making James Caan from BBC’s hit show Dragons Den their chairman.

James and his ‘Dragon’ collegues are famed for their tough negotiation skills and astute judgement but what does one of the UK’s most high profile investors getting involved in SEO mean for the UK search industry.

There’s Gold in Them Hills

There’s already been a few high profile sales and mergers of search marketing companies like BigMouthMedia & what was Spannerworks. The involvement of someone with the track record of Mr Caan seems to suggest he thinks as the economy recovers more of these types of sales could be on the cards. Good news for anyone building a growing search marketing agency.

We’ve got to be on top of our money

In the Dragon’s Den most people come unstuck when it comes to the financials. As most SEO agencies are run by practioners, financial management may not be their primary skill set. Knowing that your competitors can take that level of scrutiny means you need to be able to handle the same level of scrutiny. However on the upside, the current recession has taught a lot of businesses about the importance of cashflow and tight financial planning. If you run an agency and you’re not paying close attention to these aspects of your business you may get left behind when the upturn comes.

More Media Attention

Half the reason people go to the Den is for the attention and the experience a Dragon can bring. If the success and popularity of Fresh Egg’s recent training session with James Caan is anything to go by it’s having a positive effect for them. It means rival agencies have to up their game and not just assume customers will come to them. You need to build a brand, deliver on what you promise clients and give back to the community.

A bit of showbiz

SEO & PPC despite delivering great results have lost a bit of glamour in light of the more sexy social media marketing. Anything that can bring a little glitz to the sector is fine with me.

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