Trade Secrets Of Getting More Press Exposure – A Presentation

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I ran a PR and Marketing workshop with Rob Shepherd MD of The Press Dispensary at the Really Useful Business Show in Brighton yesterday for members of Sussex Enterprise.

It was flattering to be asked by the organizers to explain how SiteVisibility and previously AI Digital and Academy Internet had punched above their weight in terms of press / media exposure but I thought it would aid the credibility of the presentation to have a PR Expert like Rob to explain some of the science.

It’s difficult to communicate everything we’ve learned about promoting your business on a budget in less than 20 mins but we hope the audience was able to take away at least one actionable piece of advice by spending their valuable time on ideas like:

  • Write a press release
  • Research journalists to receive a press release and send it
  • Maintain your blog
  • Write an award entry
  • Join and post to an online forum/community
  • Maintain your Twitter account
  • Manage your Facebook fan page or LinkedIn profile
  • Create a video for YouTube
  • Record a podcast
  • Write a White Paper
  • Comment on some blogs
  • Set up a survey
  • Analyse a survey
  • Arrange a competition /promotion with a newspaper/trade magazine
  • Write an article for a website / magazine
  • Write a letter to the editor of your trade magazine
  • Etc

My key message is to have a plan, to know your budget in terms of time and cash and to then focus on achieving your goal without being distracted and then regularly check what your achieving in terms of results . I recognize that’s often easier said than done but am happy to discuss further via

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