Bournemouth to Brighton By Bike For Bumble Bees

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As you may know at SiteVis we’re lucky enough to get a day off work a year to do something charitable, so I got thinking about what charities I would like to help out, and my mind settled on helping bees

Artist’s impression of Kelvin during the ride!

Mainly because colony collapse disorder is so freaky and scary. (even if you don’t care much about my ride you should still read this

So I thought what could I do that would somehow be tangent-ly related to the charity, so I decided why don’t I try to cycle from Bournemouth to Brighton, and to make it more interesting why don’t I take a de-tour via 13 places beginning with letter b. (Including a completely off route visit to the Isle of Wight)

I’m doing it on Friday 27th of November getting up crack of sparrows and aiming to be back in time for a beer. (so local readers your welcome to come along for a celebratory drink afterwards)

So that’s something like 150 odd miles stopping and taking a momento photo at every town beginning with the letter B, with twitter updates the whole way.

So here’s the bit you’re all expecting, me asking for sponsorship, well I wanted to do this a little different. I know how annoying is to be pointed to a JustGiving page and feeling guilt tripped into donating,

So instead if you want to help bees, want to feel a little warm inside, acknowledge the loopy-ness of the idea or just get the free book about bumblebees you can sign up to join the society for £16 here

And if you donate, thanks very much!

And here’s the rough itenary of b places



Barton On Sea

Brook, Isle of Wight

Brighstone, Isle of Wight

Blackgang, Isle of Wight

Bembridge, Isle of Wight



Bracklesham Bay






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