SiteVisibility ranks for the 3rd time in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and in EMEA 500

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Most businesses budget for 0-10% revenue growth per annum; in fact,  many shareholders and company Directors might be pleased with 5% revenue and profit growth in the current uncertain economic environment. SiteVisibility’s parent company, AI Digital Ltd, achieved a 5 year compound annual growth rate of 725%, which resulted in being awarded 45th and 234th place in the EMEA Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and EMEA 500 company rankings last night. It is our third year in the rankings.

Technology Fast 50 2009 Winner's Logos

The winners achieved truly incredible growth; I can’t imagine what the owners of Turkish software company Biotekno felt about achieving growth of 42,4186.82% (I’m not kidding), but  given they’re a husband and wife team, I hope she (the boss) books in a major celebration of their awe inspiring partnership.

I asked the CEO of last year’s winner Thunderhead what the secret of their success was and his response was managing to recruit and retain the best team of people. I understand Thunderhead is a fabulous software product, with no doubt a slick implementation process and spookily pro-active customer service, but it’s always the same response from successful CEOs and business writers; it’s the people. Clearly in these cases very special people.

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and EMEA 500  is probably one of the most valuable and long lived B2B marketing campaigns out there and Deloitte and serial sponsors UKTI should be congratulated for celebrating the businesses which should underpin our economy’s efforts to climb out of recession. These are businesses which have the potential to employ all those unemployed graduates. Interestingly, Deloitte analysts say that the average growth rates have actually increased through the recession. When the going gets tough….

These rankings are all about turnover growth, and in a recession we all know it’s healthy to have some sanity about which numbers to focus on, so it looks like there’s an opportunity to consider new rankings for profit growth.

Whilst we’re on rankings, I asked our Deloitte host to consider some new research into average (Revenue and Profit) growth rates for businesses led by accountants vs sales and marketing professionals vs the rest. I’m sure the analysis would make very interesting reading!

My congratulations to all the Deloitte Fast 50 and EMEA 500 winners and thank you to everyone at SiteVisibility and our wonderful customers for enabling this to happen.

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