Beyond the Usual Suspects – 5 Keyword Research Tools You Might Never Have Heard Of

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When it comes to keyword research it’s easy to fall back on the usual suspects you trust and use most frequently. On this front I’m a Google fan boy, and use a mixture of the adwords tool and Google Insights for search.

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But the last week I’ve forced myself out of my comfort zone and looked at a few other different and interesting options which I thought I’d share with you all.


If you operate in the travel sector, discovering the Kayak keyword tool may just make your week. Enter any destination and it will show you the number of people searching for flights to that destination. There’s a good chance this will match up with what you see on Google Insights, but the people searching on Kayak are much further along in the buying cycle, so you should pay plenty of attention to this data.

Facebook Lexicon

Another tool which shows trends over time is this tool showing the frequency of words being featured on people’s Facebook walls and status updates. Just because someone mentions a keyword in a status update, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are searching for these terms, but if they are talking about them there’s a good chance that they are.

SEO Blogger from Word Tracker

I’m not the biggest fan of Word Tracker’s main keyword research tool but I’ve got to commend them on this handy plug-in which suggests keywords to use whilst you are writing blog posts. Given Google’s QDF algo it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the search potential of your blog writing.


You’ve all heard the meme about how the whole world and his dog are using Twitter, well whatever people are tweeting about they are likely to be searching for. And like all my favourite keyword tools it covers the fourth dimension, time!

Wikipedia Page Popularity

It’s not as pretty as the now deceased Wikirank (as discussed here by Patrick), but it still does the job. It shows you how popular a page on Wikipedia is over time by looking at page views it receives. Given how well Wikipedia does on Google you can make some nice keyword judgements based on this data.

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