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We’ve got a mixed audience here; current clients, potential clients and quite a lot of competitors. We try to keep our blog fairly on-topic around natural search, PPC and social media strategies and techniques, and avoid talking too much about the business or company.

We’ve done a slight website refresh and new logo as well…

But as it’s a New Year I thought you might be interested to hear about some of our exciting new plans for 2010.

More from the Blog & Podcast

We love producing our blog and podcast, it’s brilliant fun and it seems to go down quite well with you lot.

We’ve become (according to the ad age 150) one of the top five SEO blogs from a UK agency and the behemoth that is the podcast continues to rise in popularity with around 15k listens per show and over half a million downloads since the show started.

And most impressive of all, despite some huge competitors, it continues to be the most downloaded marketing podcast on iTunes UK.

But we aren’t content to stop there:

In the next episode of the podcast we’ve got interviews with two New York Times best-selling business authors, but like a good tease I’m keeping quiet about their identity for a little longer. So, sign up for our RSS feed and come back on Jan 26th to find out more.

We’ve also begun work on some new blog posts that we hope are going to be the best we’ve ever produced. The first of which was the recent 29 Most Influential post which was our most tweeted ever.

Plus over the last few days, I’ve put the finishing touches onto some more presentations which we hope will go down even better than ‘32 Tweeted Twitter Tips‘, ‘How To Do Onsite Seo – Illustrated By Cute Kittens‘ and ‘SEO Facts Nightmare Clients Can’t Understand

The challenge with an agency blog or podcast is finding the time, but if you read on you’ll see we’ve an idea for how we can avoid that problem.

More Transparency

We’ve been working some time with a few clients on a new beta client centre that gives 100% transparency on our SEO work, which we’re now in the process of rolling out to all our clients this month.

It will allow them to check their rankings across all the major search engines whenever they want, view the most important search metrics from analytics, keep a tab on our link building efforts with a sophisticated link building CRM and a bunch of other cool features that we’ll be demoing over the phone and in person.

It’s known as Beacon, after the local landmark and the illumination it sheds on search campaigns.

In the recession its more important than ever for marketing directors to understand where their money is going, and hopefully this new system, plus all our usual monitoring of KPIs and ROI, will help them in these challenging times.

We’ll blog a bit more about the tool in the coming weeks but we’ll keep quite a lot under our hat to stop those pesky competitors copying our ideas!

As the search market matures, our clients are becoming more sophisticated in their understanding of search. They are more informed buyers and know what they want. Based on feedback from our clients, we’re making the technical lead the direct client contact for projects. You can get quicker and faster responses to your queries and learn more about how search works.

New Management Team

The recession has been tough for all businesses, but the worst is over and now’s the time to push things forward and make sure we’re providing the best SEO service in the country for our clients. To do that we’ve got a new senior management team.

In addition to our hugely experienced CEO Jason Woodford and COO Damon Lightly, we’ve taken on Oliver Klander as our new Sales Director. Those within the search industry might already be familiar with the man-machine that is Olly from his time with BigMouthMedia, and we’re delighted to have his experience and energy at SV.

Our queen of acronyms Helen Trendell has been promoted to the newly created role of Digital Director and will oversee the production team. She’s looking forward to sharing her decade of digital experience with a greater range of our clients and taking our integrated search methodology to the next level.

She’s also been joined in our production team by Amanda Coutts as a Campaign Manager and will be the day-to-day contact for many of our key accounts.

But one of our assets at SiteVisibility is our strength in depth. The rest of our team has also developed hugely over the last 12 months, and clients will see their input and involvement far more clearly as a result of the transparency developments I’ve talked about above.

And now onto myself, as a reader of our blog or listener to our podcast you’ll know how much I enjoy contributing and sharing knowledge (or maybe I just love the sound of my own voice). I’ll be moving into a new role as Creative Director with a remit of expanding the reach and scope of the podcast and blog, attending and speaking at more conferences and events, working on top secret research and development projects while still keeping my eye in working on some of our most high profile clients.

New Services

Beacon’s not the only new service we’ve been working on over the last few months, we’ve trialled and begun to roll out a game changing Call Analytics solution, known as Siren, which helps you understand and measure the real ROI of any search or marketing campaign.

We’ve expanded our social media services and are helping more and more clients join up the dots between social media and SEO.

We’ve taken elements of our SEO methodology and created free-standing products like our ‘Competitive Link Audit’ which gives in-house SEO departments or first time outsourcers in-depth insights into their competitive link landscape and actions to improve their search performance.

And as we move into 2010 there’s no chance of us slowing down.

Plus I’m working on a couple of exciting projects which if I told you about I’d have to kill you, and as I’m trying to grow the audience of the blog that hardly seems like a good idea!

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  1. Good point well made Steven, our mission is to help our customers achieve more leads at less cost and watching clients grow as a result is a major perk of the job as well as being key to our own growth plan. The recent changes will enable us to spend more of our time (ie your fees!!) on client campaign management and that will have a direct and positive impact on campaign performance. During 2010 we’re also planning to introduce new services which will be of relevance and benefit to customers large and small, so watch this space.

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