Want a Do-Follow Link from the Econsultancy Homepage?

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We love Econsultancy, we’ve compiled ten greatest blog posts of theirs. But at the moment, with just five seconds work, you can get a do-follow link from their home page.

Want to know how? Read on.

Econsultancy very bravely and admirably decided to include every mention of their brand on their home page. They haven’t had the problems Skittles had, but they do have one small loop hole which can prove quite handy.

Though there have been a few oversights in the past,  on twitter all links are no-followed, so don’t pass any search engine benefit. But that’s not always the case when someone is republishing twitter results; like the Econsultancy homepage – there all the twitter links are followed.

Most of the links on the twitter stream are to their own content and pass through URL shortners which don’t always pass page rank but as in the picture below, you can easily drop a URL.

Econsultancy - Community of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Professionals_1256292505749

Okay the feed on the Econsultancy homepage changes rapidly so timing your tweet to co-incide with a spider crawl is going to be a nightmare, but they’re not the only website re-publishing streams of tweets without the nofollow.

So get hunting!

Edit- As pointed out by Ashley from Econsultancy in the comments as they are using javascript it won’t pass any page rank. Serves me right for rushing this post out!

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  1. Do you mean to do this for the SEO value…? I assume so.

    If so, it won’t work I’m afraid. Those Tweets are pulled onto the page using JavaScript. So Google doesn’t crawl them. They’re all invisible to Google so count for nothing from an SEO perspective…

  2. Very good point Ashley!

    You guys are dealing with it perfectly but makes it more interesting if you can find a sort of example someone’s heard of…

  3. It’s not quite true that there’s no SEO possible value actually. It is quite possible that someone will follow the link and *then* link to the page as a result of visiting. A bit tenuous but it does happen.

  4. Interesting, although not a permanent link and I doubt it is of high benefit for ranking purposes this might help indexing.

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