Link Building Ideas Come Easily, the Skill is Making Them Happen

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On twitter I mostly share interesting blog links and spout rubbish, but one tweet I made the other day seemed to strike a bit of a chord with a few people.


I think it applies to most areas of life but I think it is also spot on when it comes to link building.

There’s hundreds, if not thousands of well trained, creative search marketers in the UK.

Despite all this talent it is still possible to get a website to rank, why? Because there’s a huge difference between creativity and execution.

Not surprisingly Seth Godin summed this up pretty well in his last book Linchpin with the mantra “Real Artists Ship”

So you should be judging your success as a creative link builder not by how many great ideas you come up with, or how inventive and unprecedented your idea was, but by whether it actually achieved results.

Without that follow-up, creativity counts for nothing.

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