Is Your Link Building Dealing With Your Anchor Text Deficiencies?

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When we look at any back link portfolio, we want to look at four key areas:

Link Volume, Link Velocity, Link Authority and Link Anchor Text.

A varied and inventive link building campaign will usually deal with the first three factors by default, but are you making sure you get the right anchor text?


And when we talk about the right anchor text, it’s more than just aiming to get the odd keyword here and there – you need to know what the breakdown of your anchor text is.

How does that differ from your competitors anchor text?

What are your deficiencies?

And how are you going to deal with them?

Unfortunately it’s often difficult to control the anchor text which people use to link to your site. We’ve previously talked about a few ways you can influence how people link to you and these strategies become even more important when you know where your weakness lies.

Sometimes it won’t be keyword-rich anchor text you’re looking for.

Recent shifts in the algorhythm may mean your balance of keyword-rich links is an anomaly in comparison to the top ranking sites.

If you’re in this situation, tactics like press release syndication and directory submission may be your friend. Or back link analysis focusing on who is linking to your competitors using their brand as the anchor text.

Other times there will be a very clear correlation between your anchor text and the types of key phrases you are ranking fo.

Here you’ll want to increase the variety of keywords in the anchor text to rank on other terms. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create content with link potential where you use the keywords.

People link to articles or blog posts using their titles, so make sure your titles include the keyword variations you’re looking for.

Whatever your situation, you shouldn’t be carrying out your link building without an appreciation of the anchor text landscape.

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