Quick SEO Wins for eCommerce Websites

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Not everyone has the luxury of reworking or relaunching their ecommerce site when they realise they have made SEO oversights. Maybe you’re doing everything right but need that little extra push to overtake a competitor in the rankings.

Below are a number of quick wins we’ve implemented for clients across all sectors, some of which would work especially well for online retailers.

Use PPC Ads to Inspire Meta Descriptions

I’ve got a lot of respect for the guys who work in our PPC team, and those managing campaigns all over the world. They need to regularly come up with creative ideas for text to encourage people to click. We, like a lot of agencies, talk about integrating SEO and PPC for our clients, and in our experience one of the quickest wins of integration is using your successful adverts to inspire your meta descriptions.

Meta Descriptions are one of the hardest-working but under-appreciated elements of an SEO campaign. Take what you know gets clicks from PPC and apply it to your meta.

Show Your Product Feed Some Love

I talked a few weeks ago about setting up a product feed for the first time. If you don’t have a product feed, it’s a great place to start. Even if you do have a feed, how much time have you spent on it recently?

Your analytics will show you just how important your product feed is to sales and revenue, so make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Incentivise Repeat Customers to Link

Link building is hard work. If you already have  community of people who believe in your service enough to buy from you repeatably, they are prime candidates to link to your website.

These incentives can work in different ways. Perhaps you could produce a widget which allows them to syndicate your most link-worthy content, an SEO-friendly affiliate scheme or maybe an old fashioned polite request will work!

Use Your Imagery to Build Links

In my presentation about punching above your weight in eccommerce I touched on a theme which I think many retailers would be wise to explore – using their imagery as a link building tool.

The spread of user-generated content has been great for written text and video about products, but still imagery is light years behind.

This is your opportunity; have more photos than all your competitors, vary them from the manufacturers and encourage people to use them on their own site. It may cost you a few pence in bandwidth but the links will be priceless.

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  1. Never really thought about using Imagery to Build Links but this is a great idea, thnaks for the post

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