A Primer on Microformats, Rich Snippets & SEO

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How Google are going to be using Microformats and how SEOs can use rich snippets to increase natural search click-through rates has been playing on my mind. I know it’s a huge opportunity but at the same time I felt I had quite a big knowledge gap. So I got my research hat on and spent a good afternoon reading up on the subject. It was daunting but well worth the effort.

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So if like me you were a little scared about getting stuck into Microformats below are 15 must-read articles on the subject. If you read them all you’ll be up to speed on the topic, and probably brimming with inventive ways you could be using them.

Smashing Magzine – Microformats: What They Are and How To Use Them

SEO Gadget – The Future of SEO – Structured Markup

Word Tracker – Are you using microformats & rich snippets to increase clickthrough rates and traffic?

Yoast – Google & Microformats: Drive More Traffic

SEO Gadget Using the hReview Microformat for your Review Pages

Microformats.org – hCard Creator

Google Webmaster Tools Guide To Reviews

Google Webmaster Central Introducing Rich Snippets

Search Engine Land – Google Search Now Supports Microformats and Adds “Rich Snippets” to Search Results

Google – About rich snippets and structured data

Goole Knol on Google Rich Snippets Tips and Tricks

Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Search Engine Land Should You Geotag Pages For Local SEO?

Added Bytes – Microformats Cheat Sheet

Alan Rimm Kaufman Google Microformats Will Have Large Impact On Online Retail — Not All Good

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