The Absolute-Must-Watch TED Videos to Inspire You Recommended By People Like You

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If you’ve never watched a TED conference video you’ve missed out one of the greatest free gifts that’s available on the net. TED is an international conference where hundreds of creative and intelligent people deliver some of the most compelling talks I’ve ever heard.

It surprised me how few people have had the pleasure of watching these videos; and even if you have come across them you may be slightly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of talks.

So the spread the joy of these inspirational clips I asked a few of my online friends and contacts which they would recommend and want to share with the world.

It might take an hour or hour and a half to watch all these videos but it will have a far more positive influence on your work and life than another aimless meeting or afternoon wasted procrastinating on Twitter.

Dave Sivers – How to Start a Movement

Key Quote – “The first follower turns a lone nut into a leader”

Recommended by Chris Dodson

Brian Cox – CERNs Supercollider

Key Quote “Why create condition that were present less than a billionenth of a second after the big bang… Particle physisists are nothing if not ambitious”

Recommended by Mark Edmondson

Ken Robinson – Schools Kill Creativity

Key Quote – “All kids have tremendous talents and we squander them ruthlessly”

Recommended by Mark Pinsent

Dennis Hong – My Seven Species of Robot

Key Quote “We’re Literally Re-Inventing the wheel here”

Recommended by Tom Skelton

Tim Berners-Lee – The Next Web

Key Quote “I want to think about world … where everything you can imagine is online”

Recommended by John Gerrard

Nicholas Christakis – The Hidden Influence of Social Networks

Key Quote “Social Networks are these intricate things of beauty, and they’re so elaborate and so complex and so ubitiqous in fact that one has to ask what purpose they serve.”

Recommended by Zac Colbert

J.J Abrams – The Mystery Box

Key Quote “It let me make things, and that was the dream”

Recommended by Me

If you’ve found the time to sit down and watch all these you won’t be reading this because you’ll already be off making something amazing happen.

But if not here’s another great TED video recommended by Kev

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  1. Hey Kelvin. Really interesting mix of TED talks on here. Thanks for this. Just an FYI it is Derek Sivers not Dave Sivers. Cheers

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