Announcing the New Premium Content Membership Site From The Internet Marketing Podcast

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If you’re an avid subscriber to the podcast who’s listened to our latest episode, you may have already heard that we’re launching a new premium content membership site. Subscribers to the site will get an internet marketing training video every working day by email, plus access to a library of best practice documents and live video q&a sessions.

We’ve worked hard to produce one of the world’s most popular marketing podcasts, and we know there’s an appetite among our listeners to learn more about internet marketing in a structured way, that’s not part of a pyramid-y ‘make money quick’ spam-fest.

So we thought we’d introduce a membership site where subscribers can gain access to a library of great content and join a community of like-minded individuals.

The site, which can be found at , is rapidilly filling up with in-depth content in a variety of formats.

One of the most requested types of content that was suggested in our last listener survey was how-to content. We wanted to show people exactly how we do internet marketing so we started recording screencasts which will show you exactly how we go about promoting a site.

We’re launching with a series of screencasts to get you up to speed on how to promote yourself on Google Local and everyone’s favourite hype magnet – Twitter.

We’ve also been busy producing training videos on a variety of topics and are also planning to carry out live video Q&A sessions for members. We’ll be able to take questions and offer advice to solve members problems/ issues and offer the kind of advice that will help solve their unique problems.

These are the types of video we’ll be sending through to subscribers every day.

We’ve also produced a number of best practice documents in PDF format that will help you deal with the most common internet marketing dillemas. We’ve launched with two guides that solve two of the most common SEO predicaments; how to migrate to a new website without ruining your optimisation efforts and how to navigate your way through the myriad of option when targeting a new country overseas.

These are just a few of the pieces of training material we’ve produced, with more content being added every day covering all areas of internet marketing in more depth and detail than we could have ever managed in a 20 minute audio podcast.

I know that when it comes to signing up to membership sites it can be a bit difficult to know if you’re going to get good value, so we’re launching with an amazingly discounted offer for people who sign up in the first month. Want to know what that offer is? You’ll have to have a look around the site.

P.S As it’s still very early days for the site, if you can think of any ways we can improve it please drop me a line on

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