SEO Smells Sweet with SiteVisibility and Penhaligons

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Recently SiteVisibility have been lucky enough to begin work with Penhaligons a luxury perfume company based in London.

As part of the campaign setup we were invited to experience the brand first hand in their Covent Garden branch, to get a real feel for the brand and their way of portraying themselves.

We had all read their marketing material and were keen to immerse ourselves in the brand first hand. So after an early start for us all we arrived in London at the shop and we were met by Emily marketing  manager at Penhaligon’s and our guide for our time at the boutique perfume store.

First impressions of the store were the amazing smells on the way in, fragrances that really do encapsulate ‘liquid emotion’. We sat down to listen to Emily brief us on the fascinating Penhaligon’s history beginning in the Edwardian era with the founder William Penhaligon. The same scent recipies that he made all those years ago are still available as part of the range today!

It was interesting to learn of the heritage of this brand and how London has always been part of that history. Also the way Penhaligon’s sees their master perfumers as the brand ambassadors not any celebrity representation.

Another eye opener was some of the strange ingredients that go into perfumes, such as Ambergris Lumps of oxidized fatty compounds, whose precursors were secreted and expelled by whales, with a large price tag to match if ever you stumble across any washed upon the beach.

Next came our scent profiling a totally free service offered by Penhaligon’s to help customers be expertly matched to a scent that will suit them. We were asked a series of random questions in order to gauge the type of people we were, the service usually takes 45 minutes but in our case because there was a number of us Emily only had ten minutes to match each of us to a scent and she did well.

I was matched to invigorating cologne called Quercus which smells great.

Alex was matched up with Malabah, a semi-oriental fragrance, after being asked Whiskey or Wine? (Wine) and to describe her favourite dress (Black silk maxi dress with large brightly coloured orchids). It was an excellent experience and she genuinely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the experience to a friend. You don’t just get a perfume, you get an experience and leave with a fragrance which is an extension of your personality.

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