Visualizing Back Link Data Using Venn Diagrams

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When you are trying to attract links to a website you’re niave to ignore the fact that your competitors will also been looking to attract links at the same time. But when your dealing with tens of thousands of links with thousands of overlaps between sites it’s actually quite difficult to visualize the overlap between sites.

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With this in mind I started looking at Venn Diagrams as a way of representing this data. Below is a free video taken from our podcast’s premium content area which will explain how to create the venn diagrams and hopefully whet your appetite to sign up for a membership.

In the video I mention the following links


  1. Great post! Are there any other backlink analysis tools that you use? Just started at a new company, and they seem to be hesitant to invest anything substantial into SEO – yet 🙂 (Working on it)

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