Analysing the Twitter Profiles of The Top UK SEO Companies

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Search and social really do go hand in hand, so it’s not surprising search agencies like ours offer social services and, like it not, in many people’s minds social means Twitter. So it got me thinking about what UK’s search agencies Twitter profiles are like. Most like ours are a mixture of sharing stuff we think is interesting with a healthy dose of self promotion but is there much in the way of similarity statistically?

What percentage of agencies have a Twitter Profile?

To do this analysis I took the 36 agencies who listed their revenue in the NMA services guide this year and carried out a quick Google search for an account. If I couldn’t find it that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist I suppose but if it’s that hard to track down I’d argue it can’t be that useful!

Of course the agencies without may have preferred personal accounts, and fair play that can work quite well.

Not surprisingly a majority do have an account and those who didn’t tended to be those more focused on paid search so may be less likely to be exploring social channels to promote themselves.

How Many Followers Do They Have?

Everybody knows the number of followers you have doesn’t have a direct correlation between how influential an account is but it’s a good starting point. The accounts tended to fall into either extreme, either really well followed or not that well followed at all.

It’s also worth noting at this stage there are several profiles which fall into the trap of if we follow five thousand people maybe four thousand will follow us back. It’s an interesting approach but if you view Twitter being about conversations I can’t see how that strategy can be sustainable?

Some Nice Stats about the Number of Tweets

As you can see some agencies are really using the service frequently while other have a prolific output and all number of shades n between.

Are they Following More People Than Follow Them

I think one way to see if a Twitter account is healthy is if they are followed by more people than they themselves follow. Even if you want to keep your ratio between people who follow you at 1:1 you will still be followed by more people than follow you given the prevalence of auto-tweet bots and spam accounts. So I felt classifying accounts into those following more people than follow them would be a good way of guaging whether they’ve taken the ‘follow everyone we can and they might follow us back’ approach.

Is there a correlation between follower count and company size?

Finally I wanted to do a quick (and not that statistically sound) analysis of whether the bigger the revenune of the business the more widely followed it was on Twitter. The short answer is no, there are so many outliers like SEOptimise (who are really popular on twitter but not that high on the NMA list) that really doesn’t seem to be the case.

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