Why Conventional SEO is Dead?

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A while back now at Adtech London I was lucky enough to bump into the guys from Napier PR. They, like a lot people at the conference, were interested to hear more about our somewhat hype-y assertion than “Conventional SEO is Dead” they got their flipcam out and we recorded this short and noisy video of me explaining our THEME methodolgy and how that differs from the simple link building of the past.

I thought a few of the readers might enjoy the video so here I am in my favourite Cowboy shirt!


  1. Hi Kelvin!,

    I’m a subscriber to the iTunes podcast!… Great stuff!…


    David Edwards

    “A Sitting Duck Productions”

  2. Kelvin, this was a very interestng explanation. Your ability to break things down, combining strategy and creative elements makes for a very compelling case.

    Would it be possible to build one of the podcasts around this SEO is Dead concept please?

    I have been a big fan of the Internet Marketing podcasts for some time now- you and Andy are often my “traveling companions” as I listen while driving through Chicago rush hours- you’ve helped keep me somewhat “sane” and continually learning.
    With gratitude- keep up the good work.

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