The Horrible Truth About Link Building

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Too often it doesn’t work,

And even when it does, it’s hard to work out exactly what you did that made the difference.

The ideas are great, the follow through is often not quite as creative.

Are you delivering on the promise of greatness?

What really shifts the needle, what really really makes a impact, is the type of work any creative person can be truly proud of.

Something that make the web a better place, fulfills a linkers need and makes the person behind it proud.

This work really makes a difference, it brings the type of links lazy competitors can’t buy or fluke. It gives Google goosebumps, makes phones ring, cards get processed and makes customers happy.

Too often link builders don’t do this. They churn out rubbish to trick the engines, that’s the horrible truth about link building.

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  1. Hi Kelvin….I agree….kind off. I’ve seen link building work tremendously for some aspects of SEO and have little impact with others. Downloaded the ebook and hope for some great insights. I’m relatively new to the linkbuilding game but would appreciate any advice on these posts: &

  2. Thank you for the free (well almost) book on link building. I enjoyed reading it and since you made the original suggestions to try and get some trusted links in the podcast, I have managed to get 2 fantastic links: one from a University and one from a local Council / .gov site. It took some work but I feel very proud of my accomplishments for an amateur and I am sure they will hold my hobby site in good stead for the future.

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