Theory into Practice: Women in the Media

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Starting as an intern, and after 3 months as a Trainee Digital Marketing Consultant, I have decided to share my journey so far at SiteVisibility. Hold on to your seats.

Flickr user anyjazz65

Flickr user anyjazz65

Starting at SiteVisibility as an intern came about as a result of the “Women in the Media” networking event run by Wired Sussex.  Such events are held quarterly for women in the Sussex area who work in, or are looking for work in the area of Digital Media. At this particular event SV was giving a presentation on an introduction to SEO, introducing basic SEO tools, as well as highlighting its importance for visibility of a website. Luckily for me I got chatting to the right person at the event, one the managers at SiteVisibility, to whom I presented an offer of working as an intern for cup-a- soups. This deemed to be a successful tactic.

The benefits of starting in the company as an intern were very positive from my experience. It enabled me to test the water within the area of digital marketing, as well as within the company, both which received an inaugural thumbs up. Members of the team also got to see the opportunistic traits that I could contribute and so everyone was a winner. As a result I was offered the role of Trainee Digital Marketing Consultant after one month as a part-time intern and so I acquired the pleasure of working full time with our lovely team of talented people!

An example of knowledge gaining opportunities that arose in the first couple of months at SiteVisibility were ones such as attending one of the Media Pro Events in London in November 2010. This was a great way to expand my knowledge of the vast capabilities of social media, in particular hearing presentations about big branded social media strategies and the importance of the transferability and sustainability of these ideas on many different platforms. One talk that was of particular interest to me was given by a company called Lithium Technologies who build online communities for brands. This area of forum engagement and the use of online communities are a particular interest of mine as this is the area in which research for my recently completed MA dissertation took place. My focus was based on social reasons behind engaging in queer spaces in online knitting communities and involved research over a number of months in online forums. My topic of choice usually caused incredulous looks from others, ones perhaps similar to those happening right now from you, the reader. However, this project developed from Benedict Anderson’s work to my active research on these platforms began my interest into these online spaces in general and thus I hope to develop and apply my knowledge to improving SEO and social media strategies at SiteVisibility in this area.

Overall there has been great support from the team in all areas of my learning and hopefully the next few months will be as insightful as the last. Although FYI, I never actually got my cup-a-soups.

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  1. Had heard of a cup of sugar, but a cup-a-soup is a new one for me. 🙂

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