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Graeme Benstead-Hume and Jo Morley from SiteVisibility explained the new rules which have been put in place by the ASA since the 1st March 2011. These rules will affect and change the way we approach elements of SEO, but mainly practices of social media.

On the surface they look calm and ready…

Main point to take from their presentation apart from amazingly selected pictures:

Who are the ASA? They are the Advertising Standards Authority who regulate all paid advertising and now they will be regulating all online non paid spaces to make sure everything found online is honest, truthful decent and legal.

The main social media spaces that will be affected are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and blogs. This will affect tweeting, re-tweeting, likes on Facebook etc. Each post on these spaces must be true at the time of publishing or there will be repercussions for companies who are taking part in such postings. Forums and reviews are another area that will be affected where fake reviews and posting under pseudonyms are now forbidden.

The reality of non compliance will include a name and shame list on the ASA’s website. This will not be policed and will rely on other people to report this non compliance.

Ultimately this is a positive step in digital marketing, making it more ethically sound and putting everyone on a level playing field.

And in their own words, watch this space and watch your back!

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