Get Rid Of Negative Results About Your Company On Google

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This screencast tells you about a handful of different ways to reduce negative search results about your business. We go through how use unofficial but positive sites to your advantage, how to implement a social media strategy, and how to use other credible content in order to see positive articles rank higher.


  1. Nice idea like the idea of creating social media for other terms! Although it does give more profiles to look after.

  2. I work a lot with small business owners in the UK and online reputation management is still something many are not aware of.

    Someone said to me yesterday “it’s only big brands that need to worry about it” and then I was able to show them an example of a local one man plumbing business that had terrible reviews when you Googled their name.

    I think negative online results are something every business needs to take seriously, regardless of their size.

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