How to Write Excellent Meta Descriptions

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In this screencast, Kelvin is taking you through meta tags, which won’t necessarily affect your rank, but they will affect how many people visit your site. If you have a good meta description, you’ll likely increase your conversion, so we’re sharing some useful tips for writing great ones. As this is one of the videos we originally recorded for the Premium podcast, this video might reference some content currently available only to those premium subscribers.


  1. love your stuff. you mention in this screencast that there was on on title tags the previous day, but i can’t seem to find that one. where might it be? thank you much…

  2. Hey Steph, this video was originally from our premium podcast site where the title tag was published the day before. It’ll be coming up on the site in a few weeks. If you sign up to our RSS feed should reach you as soon as it comes out.

  3. like this video ….Meta descriptions can be any length but the best practice is to keep length between 140-160 characters…Duplicate Meta description tag should be avoided

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