Do You Know Why False Consensus Matters To You?

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In this screencast, Kelvin’s talking about false consensus, and why it’s important to you when you’re designing content, in particular for blogs. It’s part of a series of videos about how to use psychology in search, so keep checking back for the others.


  1. Ah, yes, the fatal egocentric trap. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem living your whole life making false assumptions about how similar others are to you. But in marketing, it makes your pitch less likely to succeed because you probably don’t understand your customer’s needs and desires.

    Great vid! Always enjoy updates from you guys 🙂

  2. This is interesting particular in how it relates to social media, as of coarse a lot of content is written specifically to invoke strong feelings both for and against (polarising opinion).

    If you do this work, you might therefore decide to write something that the vast majority will agree with and therefore will make them feel good. You are less likely to get much active feedback on this. The alternative is to take the opposite approach and write a polarising piece that will encourage response. A lot of this will be negative, but that can also be worth while.

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