ABC’s of SEO: A is for Analytics

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We love web analytics here at SiteVisibility, we’re measurement geeks and proud. The thing is, we reckon you should be a measurement geek too! Well… if you are in any way involved in Digital Marketing, Web Design, UX, UI, Online Advertising, Social Media or online PR anyway.

Measuring success

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Analytics, or more specifically Web Analytics, is the name given to a set of techniques and tools used to measure the performance of a website or an aspect of a website’s marketing. The best known analytics tool is Google analytics which allows website or blog owners to easily track user behaviour free of charge in order to measure the performance and the effectiveness of marketing strategies and to gain insight into how they might better serve their users in terms of content & improved user experience.

There are lots of good reasons to take the time to get to know your web metrics a little better; and not just because you can’t run a successful digital campaign without effective measurement in place… Besides, we all know that, we want to talk about the other stuff which makes us do cheer leader dances every time we talk about low bounce rates.

So! we think you should be an analytics geek because, the moment you know what all those lovely numbers mean, you will:

1. Learn faster – “Experience is a good school, but the fees are high… but Google analytics is free”. Finding out if the changes that you make are effective quickly and without the guess work will help you learn what works and what doesn’t much faster.

2. Love your job even more – because everyone likes feedback and you’ll be getting a lot of feedback once you know what you are looking for.

3. Make your clients / boss / investors / bank manager appreciate you even more – As well as helping you to do your job better those precious little numbers will also allow you to provide more insight into how the visitors to your site behave and what they want. That makes you more valuable to all the people listed above!

4. Impress your friends and your family – by telling them that you are the head of analytics or a web intelligence specialist or a data monkey or whatever.

4 1/2. Get out of long chats with your extended family – by telling them that you are the head of analytics or a web intelligence specialist or a data monkey or whatever.

Pie Time

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Anyway! We hope you decide to make Web Analytics a bigger part of your life. Below I have listed some of the books and sites we have used to hone our analytics skills.

Sites and Blogs (Disclaimer, this is owned by SiteVisibility’s very own Mr. Metrics)


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