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An opportunity has arisen for a skilled digital marketing octopus at the highly respected Search Marketing agency SiteVisibility. You’re probably wondering what an octopus has to do with us, and why you’d want to voluntarily become one. The answer is pretty simple. We feel like our team is made up of lots of different skills and personalities who are represented by a lovely little group of characters (or as we like to think, the residents of the Think Tank), one of which is the octopus.

Our octopus represents someone who is a superb multi-tasker – a highly organised person who can monitor quality and processes while putting emphasis on achieving success with deadlines and deliverables.

What does that mean in terms of this job? We’re looking for a very special cephalopod who will be tasked with delivering campaigns for some distinguished clients. The successful octopus will be confident in managing and delivering digital marketing campaigns for clients, with a tentacle each focused on developing technical expertise and specialisms with the team, managing client relationships, executing high impact campaigns utilising creative and technical skills, and enhancing the services offered. An octopus with a background in digital marketing is sought, one who can comfortably manage to keep their tentacles on deck while seeing the larger, more strategic picture.

Experience in setting SEO/Social Media/PPC strategies is a must, as is experience in the production and delivery of ethical digital marketing campaigns. The successful octopus will be happy to manage on-going campaigns, managing client expectations, analysing and strategizing, as well as implementing technical recommendations and ensuring a high quality of work is undertaken.

SiteVis is pleased to be committed to innovation and personal development, ensuring that the team stays on the cutting edge of the market.

For more information, view our Digital Marketing jobs page.

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