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As with any kind of business promotion you shouldn’t ignore any options when it comes to shouting about your company and telling everyone to see what you can offer, and it’s no different when it comes to websites.

Directories are often seen as the dull yet necessary part of promotion. In “real” world terms this is usually done by getting listed in the Yellow Pages or telephone directory, but online it’s a whole different story and one that can be very beneficial to your site.

It’s widely accepted that link building is a key part of your SEO campaign and directories are easy links to gain, thanks in no part to the hundreds of thousands of directory sites that will happily publish your website details on its site, thus giving you a link and improving your link equity. However, it’s important to remember that just adding your site to any directory you come across will have the opposite effect so bear in the mind the following pointers:

1) You get what you pay for: If you only submit to free directories then don’t expect much, free directories will have considerably less traffic than the paid for well-known ones, which, while not free, will give your website much more of a boost that “Johns Directory Site”. So if you’re taking the time to submit your information to directories, you might as well submit it to decent ones.

2) Make sure you put your submission in the right section of the directory, you never know who is going to see it and who knows, your next sale might come from a customer that saw your details on a directory. If you’re a sweet shop you wouldn’t submit to the DIY section of a listings site would you?

3) Use directories as part of your overall SEO campaign don’t just rely on them to build your link equity up alone. Again, if you’re bothering to spend time promoting your website you might as well do it properly.

Directory submission is a major, if not vital part of link-building and if you’re not doing it, you’re doing it wrong.

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  1. Hi,

    I just want to add one thing is to check Page Rank of home page of directories while one is going to pay them. Secondly, I feel is it not violating Google paid links TOS and if post panda directories are really effective as I heard many directory sites were pushed down by Panda.

    Looking forward to your inputs.

    Bhrat Brij

  2. Although I do get you point on paid directories, I think you should use them with care. Only a few paid directories such as Yahoo justify the costs. There are many free ways to build back-links which should be preferred, especially if you are starting our or have budgetary constraints.

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